Chiquián is the capital of the province of Bolognesi and is located in the southeastern tip of the department of Ancash. Lima 366 kilometers away from a 7 or 8 hour car ride and 109 kilometers from Huaraz which is 2 hours by land.

To reach Chiquian is necessary to take the Panamerican Highway to the detour of 205 km and passing Pativilca road starts into the “Callejon de Huaylas” and Huaraz, arriving at Lake Conococha at 3900 meters above sea level is the point higher route, take the road on the right hand side eastward where a paved runway that crosses the Pampa de Lampas then take the detour to the right which descends a paved road in the village 17km Chiquian .

Its main attraction are the stunning views of the Cordillera Huayhuash. Ecotourism and adventure sports like trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. is also practiced Which they have made Chiquián a popular destination over the last decade.

Chiquian now dubbed "the little mirror of the sky" is devoted entirely to the production and sale of cheese, butter, blancmange and honey from the surrounding valleys. Farming also part of its economy, which can be seen in its fertile valleys where excellent potatoes and corn is produced, as well as high livestock, taking advantage of the vast plains surrounding it.

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